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Good afternoon!

We hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of Fall!

We just wanted to give you a glimpse of the renovation taking place throughout the resort! Additionally, I am including a letter from our Chairman, Miles Hamm on Strata works that are underway as well.

Things are moving along very nicely and we are all very happy with the improvements thus far! Unfortunately, due to the storm Government Offices closed which affected work permits for some installers as well as the shipping companies ceased shipments in anticipation which affected such areas as drapery installation, some furniture items and some kitchen equipment for Hemmingway's which prevented us from being able to accept guests. We anticipate this to be resolved very shortly.

Below are several photos for your perusal as not only are we doing the upgrades to the units themselves, but Hemmingway's renovation and Hospitality Lounge/bathrooms are also underway now as well. We will also be replacing the tile flooring in the Convenience Store and we will be creating a new entrance area behind building 4 for access to Hemmingway's and the pool area which is being cost shared between the Management Company and Hemmingway's.

As far as the invoicing for the 50%, 40% etc for the renovation and flooring projects, please note that we are invoicing based on the original budgets. Any additions/credits will be taken from the final amount once the project is 100% complete and a unit by unit inspection/inventory of each unit has commenced.

You will also find a photo of the roofs that are being cleaned too. We don't typically see it from the resort viewpoint, but it is very apparent from some angles as well as from the water which would be seen by those out on excursions.

It's all very exciting and we cannot wait for everyone to see the hard work that Mona and her team have been doing for the past 6 weeks completed!

The Management Company and all the staff here at the resort truly appreciate all the support you have given and we are looking forward to sharing more updates with you shortly!


Joan HaganDirector of Owner Relations