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Happy New Year!

Dear All,

As we begin the New Year, we wanted to thank you for your continued support of the Sands at Grace Bay!

We also wanted to update you on a few items as we head in to 2015 which we hope will be as successful (if not more!) than 2014!

Strata Related Items:

Return of Adrian Archuela

We are very pleased to announce that Adrian Archuela has returned to our Pool and Beach Department after a year and a half back home in the Philippines! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Adrian and experiencing his high level of service and dedication, I’m sure you will be delighted and understand our enthusiasm once you meet him!

New Adult Dune Deck

At the recent Strata Corp Board Meeting, one of the subjects that arose was the possibility of creating a deck on the dune in front of the main pool. Many of the luxury resorts on the island have done the same i.e., Seven Stars, the Gansevoort and Grace Bay Club, the Regent Palms and all were widely well received. This would give our guests and owners a quiet “Adults Only” area. We will be obtaining a quote for the project and this would be built during a time that would least inconvenience anyone. The creation of this deck would also give additional lounging space during the higher occupancy periods and higher tides when space can be limited. This will also better position us above our present competitive set, thus securing our market share for continuous future revenues and the appreciation of our asset.

Beach Palapa Policy

We wanted to remind you all that all of our staff do their absolute utmost to serve our guests and owners to the best of their abilities. They hate to say no to any request made by a guest or owner, but the resort does have policies that must be adhered to make certain everyone has an enjoyable stay. We kindly ask that you not ask our pool and beach staff to "reserve" places on the beach or by the pool. We are trying to get the staff comfortable to be consistent with the "30 minute" rule for each guest regardless of whether they are an owner or a guest. We recently had a repeat situation where a frequent repeat guest and Sands fan was here with her elderly mother and they were waiting for a spot on the beach under a palapa as they had seen two loungers with just towels and a bag nearby at the opposite end where they wished to be. They are quite familiar with and noted the 30-minute rule where the items would be removed after this time if no one had returned. This took place rather early in the morning at approximately 7am. They waited for over an hour and finally went to take possession of the palapas when the beach attendant stopped them and told them "No, that palapa is reserved for an owner". The guest intended for the items holding the palapa to be given to the staff and was felt put-off that we held palapas for owners when not in use and for long periods of time over the 30 minute limit rule. That staff member was obviously counseled as that was the incorrect response to the guest, but the incident did result in the guest becoming so upset that they cancelled all of their future bookings and threatened to post the incident on TripAdvisor. Luckily, Mona was able to prevent that, but they did cancel their bookings and vowed to never return. The staff have again been counseled on the importance of adhering to this policy and we trust that you will assist us as well.

Beach Access Clean up

The Sands recently participated in the TCI Shines event where the area hotels gather their teams and help to keep sections of Grace Bay clean of debris and garbage. Hotels are typically assigned certain areas on the highway or Lower Bight. We decided this year, to clean up our own area on the beach as well as the vacant land next buildings 1, 2, and 3. We started very early (6:30am!) on Saturday, December 6th! Photos attached! 19 bags of trash and 2 large areas of debris were cleaned up in this area alone. We will be doing this area twice a year, if you care to join the clean-up team while you are here let Joan know. We always welcome more hands.

Other Items:

As a reminder, per the Strata Corp By-Laws, barbeque grills are not permitted on the patios or outside your unit. It is an extreme safety hazard.

For those of you interested in attending the Annual General Meeting in June we wanted to give you as much advanced notice as possible. The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 18th at 8:30am. A formal notice will be sent out later this month.

Hotel Updates:

New Bedding

The new bedding has been finalized and we hope to have all on-island and in the guest rooms by the beginning of April. Unfortunately, there is a long lead time on some of the items and we were unable to have all the items by Christmas.

Flooring Project

While we had hoped to begin this project in the summer of 2015, occupancy has prevented that from happening, which is a good thing! We will take 5-6 weeks in September/October 2016 and complete this project. This will mean the closing of the resort during this period and we will also complete other projects as well. The reasoning behind doing the project this way is because it requires an enormous amount of jack hammering that simply cannot be done while there are guests in house. For those owners not in the rental program, you may wish to stay away during this time as it will be quite disruptive. If you choose to be on property, that is fine, we just wanted you to be aware. Once we have the final costs and details, we will of course send the information to you, but it won’t be until approximately one year from now. Also during this time we will be working on the railings and outstanding patio screens that weren’t completed in 2014 and/or 2015.

In closing, we wish you all the best for a wonderful 2015 and look forward to seeing you at your “home away from home” in the near future!

Most sincerely,

Joan Hagan
Director of Owner Relations